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How To Negotiate A Job Offer?

So, you’ve received a job offer and you’re trying to negotiate your package. You want to try and make this a fast and painless process where both parties are happy. It is important that both sides understand each other’s perspective and are willing to provide some leeway for comprising through negotiating. If you’re working through negotiations with a recruiter, all negotiations or job offers will be through them. They will be able to help and advise appropriately on the correct action to take. As negotiating a job offer can be a sensitive topic, having a recruiter can be a real benefit to you to manage the negotiations.   

This blog will give you a better understanding of the overall negotiation process.  

Before Negotiating a Job Offer 

Who’s in a better position to negotiate? 

In the current weak labour market, employees can be in a better position to negotiate. It can be extremely difficult for companies to attract talented individuals who are fully qualified for the job vacancies. You should review how matched you are for the job to weigh up your bargaining power. 

Have a well thought out job expectation 

You wouldn’t ask for a raise without good evidence or reason that you’re worth the extra money, why should job offers be any different. Show the company why you deserve the offer you are requesting. Think of the overall offer , not just the salary, as features of this offer will affect job satisfaction and how long you actually stay at the company. Your negotiation skills at the beginning of your job can set a mark for how you will progress in your career at this current role. Will you start your job content with your job offer? Think about the bigger picture.  

Other aspects of the job offer which you should think about: 

Location, travel, responsibilities, flexible working, working from home, career opportunities, bonus, extra benefits, support for further personal and professional development. 

Don’t just think about achieving the most out of the offer now, you want to have a long-term plan, to be rewarded when you are successful or do something well. Otherwise, it can be harder to maintain motivation and after the initial excitement of getting many of the perks wished at once from the negotiations, you may think, “what am I working towards?”. 

Guidelines to follow when in a negotiation: 

1.       Be persistent without being a nuisance 

2.       Find problems without being petty 

3.       Fair value without being greedy 

Think About the Job Process So Far


It’s extremely important that you present yourself as a valuable asset to the company. It’s important to start from a good perspective in the interviewer’s view. 

Understand the negotiator 

Understand their concerns and what they are expecting of you. You must figure out what areas they can be flexible in and where they are not. Try to avoid annoying the negotiator as this could be your future manager or boss. With a hiring manager, they may have set salary packages which they could be reluctant to change. On the other hand, if you’re directly negotiating with the boss, it could be a case of negotiating your value to the company. Using a recruiter would help manage everyone’s expectations in the negotiations, they would be able to advise if you’re being too ambitious with your demands.  

Negotiation Expectations 

Constraints on salary 

When a company has a number of people in the same job, they may be reluctant to move on salary as then they may have to change everyone’s remuneration package. But the company may be flexible on start dates, vacation allowance, and bonuses. In addition, small company’s also will have limited resources or capital to offer adjustments in your job offer. Of course, all companies vary depending on their situation. 

Tough questions 

Questions may be asked to assess your interest in the role, if you’re trying to see what’s the most you can get in the offer, then turn it down. You’re treading on rocky ground, if you’re working with a recruiter, they will be able to advise and help you through the negotiation process. 

The company may question your ability which could cause you to be on the defensive side of the negotiation. This could expose weaknesses in your ability thus reducing your chances of achieving the amendments to a job offer. 

Show Confidence 

Ensure you’ve made it clear you want the job and will, in the end, say yes to the job offer. No one is going to fight for your offer, go through many phone calls of negotiations if in the end you say no. This would waste everyone’s time involved in negotiating the job offer. So, ensure you know what you want before showing interest in changing jobs.  

Job Offer Negotiation Strategies 

Negotiated issues simultaneously 

If you’ve planned correctly, you know what parts of the role you may be uncomfortable with. When negotiating ensure you mention all the potential challenges simultaneously, it will give you a better position to make adjustments to your job offer, rather later in the process asking for something else to be changed. 

What method to use? 

It’s unlikely that you will negotiate in person or through a letter format. If you’re working with a recruiter, you’d contact the recruiter and they would contact the company on your behalf to negotiate the terms. Mostly, all negotiations will be done over the phone and confirmed through email communications. You may receive a job offer in letter format but it’s unlikely that any negotiations would take this format as it would take too long to come to an agreement.  

The negotiation of a job offer can be a tricky part of the job process. It can usually be easier when a recruiter is involved for advice and guidance. But it’s important to be prepared for what is involved in the negotiation process or you could risk not receiving a job offer at all.

If you’re currently seeking a job or need career guidance, please contact us at for friendly confidential advice. 

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