How To Create A Happy Workplace in 2022

How To Create A Happy Workplace in 2022

Unsurprisingly, the happier your employees, the more successful your company.

Happy employees are more creative, innovative, and dedicated than their unhappy counterparts, not to mention, they’re more likely to stick around long-term. Many workplace studies have demonstrated a direct correlation between employee happiness and your business’s bottom line.

We all know that stress kills creativity. According to research, if a person is happy they will exude higher energy and creativity levels. In the past, employee happiness has not always been such a priority, with businesses tending to focus solely on keeping their customers and clients happy. The effects of Covid-19 and the ‘new normal’ working environment, employee satisfaction, and even happiness has become a primary concern for most companies.

Employee productivity and engagement are signs of a healthy work environment, and there is a direct correlation between the level of employee happiness and your bottom line. When you couple the benefits of having a happy workplace with the overall improvement to your co-workers’ lives, making conscious upgrades to your culture is nothing short of a necessity.

If you want your company’s profits to increase, there are a number of small steps you need to take to ensure the happiness of your employees. This does not always mean money! There are various other practices that may be used to reach out to your employees. Employees want more than just a salary. They want to be happy in the place where they spend 70% of their waking hours.

So, here are some changes that you can bring about immediately to increase the happiness level in your employees and improve your bottom-line: 

Make Work/Life Balance a Priority

The concept of work/life balance has become a priority for most workplaces. Employees need to have a clear understanding that you value them as a loyal member of the team and as a person who has a life outside of work that is equally as important.

Many businesses have made it known that work/life balance is a priority by offering WFH or hybrid working models, unlimited vacation days, discounts on surrounding health and wellness programs, or childcare options. Offering incentives that improve an employee’s overall quality of life show that you care about their wellbeing.

If you’re struggling with what to come up with to instil the importance of work/life balance, think about what makes you happy outside of work and what perks you personally would want. Your team members probably want the same exact things.

Encourage Workplace Wellness

 How To Create A Happy Workplace in 2022

With an emphasis on “living our best life” becoming amalgamated into people’s daily lives, working professionals are no longer just hoping, but expecting, their employers to provide wellness practices in the workplace. Whether through food, physical exercise or mindfulness tactics, incentivising wellness is a brilliant idea.

Many new programs have been developed specifically to improve the work environment so it’s easier for employees to adopt and maintain healthy behaviours.

There are a number of options available to endorse a culture of wellness by implementing these strategies:

  • Prepare and distribute a list of healthy dining options near the office
  • Arrange for bike racks and provide “cycle to work” promotional materials
  • Negotiate corporate discounts for gyms/ health club memberships
  • Hire a yoga instructor or mindfulness specialist to come into the office once a week or month to reduce team members’ stress

Showing your employees you want them to live happy, healthy lifestyles is another way of showing them how important they are to your company.

Deliver Genuine Recognition

Engaged employees will always strive to go beyond the call of duty. They take ownership of their duties and often complete them before the deadlines. But, to keep the motivation levels high, you need to genuinely appreciate their hard work.

Always recognise tasks that are done well and give due credit. A positive feedback loop will ensure that your engaged employees stay that way.

Many organisations offer bonuses and incentives, but money isn’t everything. The best motivator is public recognition, in which the employee enjoys an elevated social status and the joy of being praised. There are many ways in which you can appreciate your employees’ hard work.

Feeling underappreciated is one of the top reasons for employees quitting their job in 2021, ahead of needing a better work-life balance and career advancement. A simple gesture of appreciation can alleviate a sense of employees feeling undervalued and contribute to overall company morale. If a team member deserves to be recognized for outstanding work, tell them right away: Don’t wait for their “review.” The days of annual reviews are ancient history.

Provide Growth Opportunities

Talented employees want the opportunity to learn and develop their knowledge. The desire to progress and improve their work is one of the main driving forces behind employee motivation.

When leading a team of employees who are completely engaged, undertaking monotonous tasks on repeat will impact on motivation and sense of achievement. Instead, offer them tasks that require productivity and allow them to grow professionally.

Some of the ways in which you can promote professional growth is by offering them to study further, attending conferences and letting them participate in internal mentorship programs. Investing in your employees’ professional growth not only benefits your business but also makes them feel worthwhile and appreciated. This feeling of gratitude and satisfaction will motivate your employees to work to their maximum capabilities to increase your bottom line.

Refrain from Micromanaging

Employees who feel trusted and supported, without being hovered over, are undoubtedly more relaxed and confident in the job they do.

It’s safe to say that no one likes to be micromanaged. If employees feel like they are constantly being monitored, they will not perform the same way they normally would, and will begin to resent their job.

Give your team the trust and creative freedom that they deserve by setting clear expectations and fair boundaries. Offering your team autonomy and trusting that they will make the right decisions will maintain their confidence, further contributing to the success of your business.

Independence in remote work conditions means giving them the freedom to work however and whenever they like — within reason of course. It also encourages them to share their opinions and feedback.

Provide consistent feedback

 How To Create A Happy Workplace in 2022

Employees want you to notice their hard work and expect feedback from management. Understanding what their strengths and weaknesses are, and how they can improve to perform even better is fundamental to both individual and company progression.

Offering consistent feedback regularly to your employees will open communication barriers between you and your team. It can present constructive criticism and positive recognition, clears the air of confusion, and communicates how an employee’s behaviour aligns with company results.

Feedback, however, is only effective when it is delivered objectively and with complete fairness. Always use it as a tool of instruction rather than a means of punishment.

Launch an Individual Development Plan

An individual development plan can assist employees in career and personal development. Its primary purpose is to help employees reach short and long-term goals and improve current job performance.

You can use an individual development plan to develop a better understanding of your team’s professional and personal goals including their strengths and areas they want to improve on. This shows your team that you are serious about investing in them as individuals and ensures everyone is accountable for reaching their customised goals.

Most leaders agree with the fact that employee attitude plays a great role in a company’s success. If your employees are motivated or frustrated, it largely depends on you. To keep your team engaged and happy, make sure you incorporate these tips in your leadership every day. To ensure these implementations are long-lived, practice them daily and remind your team often that they are an integral part of the company.

Happy employees are engaged employees! Let your employees prosper and help them grow professionally and watch your bottom-line increase.

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